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Types of Detail Oriented People

The most important thing people need to understand about being detail oriented is that there are different types of detail oriented people. While some people are naturally detail oriented about everything, the great majority of people are only detail oriented in specific facets of their lives.

James Bond is a Fictional Character

It’s fun to imagine James Bond walking into a ball room and, with a barely noticeable scan of the room, he sees and memorizes everything going on — which comes in handy when he breaks into action, kills the bad guy, takes the knife from the double-crossing girl, and uses the [insert mundane object] to break the glass and slide down a cable.

In real life, we just walk into the room, see the general layout of the room, look for someone we know, and grab a drink. The double-crossing girl with the knife gets away nearly every time.

Types of Detail Orientation

The primary types of attention to detail are (in no particular order):

  • Naturally Detail Oriented (the most general)
  • Work/Task Detail Oriented (detail oriented about specific tasks)

It’s more like a spectrum, really. You might lie anywhere from end of the spectrum to the other.

Are the Types Important? 

For introspection, yes. We only developed them to create a basis for understanding where to start the process of training and improvement. In fact, we prefer to stay away from labels and focus on results but if you want to start the journey to becoming more detail-oriented, start by considering how detail-oriented you are and where you most demonstrate that.

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