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“Detail Oriented” is a compound so there is no specific definition for it in dictionaries. Here, we define detail oriented by breaking it down to create a simple, clear definition. You can also see synonyms here.

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Detail Oriented [adj. dee-teyl awr-ee-uhnt-ed]

To be adept at discovering and/or considering physically and conceptually all aspects — including minutia and how they relate to the larger subject — of a task, object, or subject.

Definitions of Detail and Oriented

Definition of Detail (summarized from

Detail [n. dih-teyl, dee-teyl]

1. an individual or minute part; an item or particular.
2. particulars collectively; minutiae.
3. attention to or treatment of a subject in individual or minute parts: to postpone detail and concentrate on a subject as a whole.

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Oriented [adj. awr-ee-uhnt-ed]

1. to adjust with relation to, or bring into due relation to surroundings, circumstances, facts, etc.
2. to direct or position toward a particular object or situation

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A detail oriented individual pays much needed attention to small, important information that helps make up the big picture. Sometimes an individual may pay attention to the little details that really do not make a difference at all. These people are typically known as being nit-picky or anal-retentive in the eyes of others who see it as a negative attribute. Of course, in positions that require you to be extremely detail oriented, it is seen as a major plus. For example, in order to be an accountant, proofreader, or a legal secretary being detail oriented is a must.