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Attention to Detail is The Difference Between Great & Acceptable

Attention to detail is the detail that makes your product, service, or experience excellent versus just good, decent, or worthless.

Attention to Detail Matters from Start to Finish

attention to detail is about the systemThink about the best products you have, your favorite services, and your favorite experiences. They (the company) probably get every detail right from start to finish which means some person or, more likely, organization gave great attention to every minute aspect of the product/service/experience to ensure they included everything you care about.

Likewise, great employees, managers, and business owners are usually detail-oriented. They plan tasks properly, give extra care to doing things right, check thoroughly for errors, and deliver accurate reports and/or complete work.

Consider the immediate benefits of  a detail-oriented employee:

  • They get it right the first time
  • They require less management
  • They read contracts more carefully
  • They catch more details in sales opportunities (like up-sell opportunities)
  • They deliver finished products/reports to clients
  • They can help check other employees’ work (decreasing management time further)
  • They don’t waste other employees’ time with bad or un-checked work
  • They tend to plan better
  • You can expect them to discover more opportunities
In  short, it’s the detail-oriented employees and managers you will be more likely to delegate work to and trust that the work will be done thoroughly.  You’ve probably already made a short list of them in your head. Of course, you might also have a list of employees who need some detail oriented training.

Successful Business Owners Are Usually Detail-Oriented

Business owners are surrounded by details that require close attention. From checking contracts to delivering correct proposals to to checking vendor invoices, managing employees, considering software systems, keeping a clean shop, remaining compliant with regulations, and so on, etc, and such and such.

Attention to Detail Can Be Taught

Employees, managers, and business owners can be taught attention to detail. Teaching materials, seminars, and one on one lessons are available. Let us know if we can help improve your organizations productivity. Are you detail oriented?

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