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How do you become detail-oriented? How do you get your employees to be detail-oriented? How do you get your kids/spouse/players/coworkers/business partners to pay more attention to detail?

Attention to Detail Training Workshops & Seminars

We currently offer the following training to help individuals and organizations improve their attention to detail:

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The Value of Being Detail-Oriented at Work

Detail-oriented people do things better. ¬†They generally consider more possibilities, plan better, perform tasks better, and cross more t’s and dot more i’s. In more specific terms they find and correct more errors, ship fewer incorrect orders, make better reports, edit documents more completely, clean things better, repair machinery more completely, diagnose better, sell more, upsell more, and so on.

The value of being detail-oriented depends upon:

  • Value of the work being considered
  • Cost of mistakes
  • Cost of losing clients (mistakes in proposals or delivered work, missed opportunities)
  • Cost of re-doing work
  • Cost of lost opportunities

you can learn to be more detail oriented

Developing Detail-Oriented Skills

People can develop strong attention to detail. Training seminars, workshops, courses & lessons, and practice are all important — in addition to dedication to “doing it right”.

Contact us if you are interested in seminars, workshops, or training for you or your employees to become more detail-oriented — and more productive and profitable.

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